Since 1999, Caelum a.k.a. Cameron Weaver, has been conquering Drum & Bass raves and parties throughout Southern California. From 2012 to the present Caelum has played renegade soundwaves for crowds at Wreck-Ignition events, as well as respected shows such as I Love LA, Breakbeat BBQ, and a host of other one-offs. Notable gigs worth mentioning include an impromptu set at B3 Candies “How Sweet It Is”, and several performances at the world famous Drum & Bass club, Respect in Los Angeles. In 2012 Caelum performed during the Winter Music Conference in Miami, followed by two Official SXSW Showcases in 2013, and 2014.

Caelum is currently a residing in Los Angeles, and continues to produce and promote his own Drum & Bass. Caelum occasionally does an online broadcast, but make sure to check a live performance to hear some of the freshest material coming out of his audio laboratory.

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